My Thai Girlfriend Always Wants Money:

My Thai girlfriend always wants money

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The Fleecing of the Farrang.

If you are reading this now, and you are not the Thai girlfriend who wants money, then you are the farrang. Farrang is just a Thai word for foreigner. If you are in Thailand, you are a Thai person, or you are a farrang.

It is part of Thai culture to help support your Thai girlfriend financially, but everything should come in moderation. I read a great book on Thai – Western relationships that I came across just a little too late to save me called Thailand Fever. If you are a westerner involved in a relationship with a Thai lady it is a must read.

There are many different articles on various websites about Thai ladies asking for much more money from their Western boyfriends than is reasonable. People ask questions about it, or just want to vent their frustrations about their Thai girlfriend’s never-ending need for financial assistance.

Almost all westerners that have dated Thai ladies have a story to tell about their fleecing. I have a story of my own to share with you as well.

Her name was Noi, not her real name of course, to protect the guilty, and avoid a potential lawsuit against me should she ever read this, due to me doing nothing more than simply telling the truth about her.

I met Noi through another girl that I met online on a website called Date in Asia. Noi was 36, and had a fantastic body. She loved working out, doing aerobics and training in Muay Thai.

This girl had six pack abs. Which was a good thing when I was riding on the back of her motorbike. My fingers fit nicely into the groves of her abs as I held on for dear life. I am not exaggerating as anyone who has been to Thailand can attest to.

She played her part well, and I will have to say, caught me hook line and sinker.

It started off innocently as all online meetings do with both parties being cautiously optimistic.

I talked to her for four years online, and met her in Thailand twice in person before reality finally sank into the big head that is supposed to be doing all of the thinking. I was being played a fool by a poor Thai girl looking for a better lifestyle.

I relocated from America to Bangkok. Noi lived in the Issan area of Thailand, and flew to Bangkok to visit me.

There is a nice park and recreation area a short walk from where I live in Bangkok that has many activities going on, one of which is aerobics classes. Noi loved to do aerobics, but didn’t bring exercise shoes with her.

The first thing Noi wanted to do was go shopping. I only spent a little bit of money on my Thai girlfriend for the exercise shoes she wanted, and of course she wanted new clothing to match her new shoes.

Soon after that she wanted gold jewelry because a good boyfriend takes care of his girlfriend, and nice gold jewelry shows everyone that she has a boyfriend. So off to the jewelry store we went to spend money on Thai gold.

I bought her a gold bracelet that set me back about 20,000 baht. That is close to $600. She told me that I only spent a little money on her even though her daily earnings were $20, 650 baht on a good day.

That should have been a red flag, but like most men out there the little head was doing my thinking for me. This lovely Thai lady and I talked about getting married, so I had to show her that I could take good care of her.

Noi stayed with me at my hotel in Bangkok. We slept in the same bed together, but you would think she was my sister by her nighttime demeanor. Noi was Buddhist, and had a ritual before bed.

She would start by kneeling on the bed just below her pillow, and bowing down like she was praying before the Buddha.

After she was done praying my Thai girlfriend would rub her hands briskly down the sheets before getting under them, and completely tucking the sheets under her body. She was wrapped up like a mummy as if to say, “Don’t touch me”

Being a gentleman I respected that, and never tried to touch her. It was the same routine for five nights straight. After that she went back home.

I was never intimate with her, and never even kissed her even after spending a lot of money on her for the gifts she desired.

Just one week later I decided to visit her at her home. I bought a plane ticket, and off I went to visit her at her house.

I met my Thai girlfriend at the airport, and Noi brought me to her house, but it didn’t resemble a house in my American mind. It looked like a two story storage unit with two metal gates that slide across to meet in the middle.

Her mother was there waiting to meet me, and wanted to talk to me. This was an impossible task since her mother didn’t speak English, and my Thai was only a handful of words.

Noi did the translating for us as I attempted to have a conversation with her mother. Her mother wanted to know how I intended to take care of her daughter, and how much money I had to do it.

I of course had no idea what was actually being said, Noi could have told me and her mom anything that she wanted to.

I stayed alone in a hotel room, and went to her home in the morning. Noi cooked me a very good breakfast, and then my Thai girlfriend took me around her hometown on her motorbike.

She was a bit of a crazy driver, but that was half the fun. Neither of us had helmets on, and more than once my butt was lifted off the seat after she drove over a speed bump just a little too quickly.

Her motorbike was a bit old, and she pointed out that I should spend my hard earned money on buying her a new one if I thought she was my girlfriend.

Sure my lovely girlfriend, I will get right on that. 555

She told me that her ex would have bought her a new motorbike. Yes I thought the same thing as you are thinking right now. “Tell your ex to buy you one then.”

The thing that irritated me the most was when she told me that a friend of hers wanted to borrow 17,000 baht, and she pawned her gold jewelry to get the money, and loaned it to her so called friend.

Of course her friend not only never paid her back, she disappeared and blocked her on social media as well. Her friend who only wanted money was no more her friend than Noi was my girlfriend.

The lovely Thai lady whom I thought was my girlfriend left my bank account about $2000 / 65,000 baht lighter. I can’t say it was money well spent, but it was definitely an expensive lesson.

I am richer for the experience, and have learned new things to share with others, such as the blog post that you are reading now, but you know, I would rather have my time and money back.

I would like to caution you to be careful when dealing with Thai women. They are sweeter, and will treat you better than most western woman ever would, but a Thai girlfriend generally expects your wallet to be open to her every desire all day every day.

Your Thai girlfriend will definitely be interested in your money.

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